21 years of continuous innovation

Plug-in’s activity is consultancy, planning and production of software, technological platforms and systems for analysis, management and distribution of business information.
We create applications and technological infrastructures able to support companies in developing new opportunities, in implementing more and more efficient processes, in optimizing the use of resources and controlling the operational risk.

The passion for research and the attitude for endless experimentation are two natural features belonging to our DNA and which have always differentiated us, allowing us to be among the first ones who converted the most advanced technologies into a concrete value for companies.
Together with our customers, we developed and we keep on planning innovative solutions to keep our leadership and give a concrete form to the future.
We trust in speed and effectiveness: all our efforts are oriented at achieving the objectives of the project, with dedication and responsibility, always favouring resilience and substance.
Our solutions are inspired by our original “design oriented” approach, where design means cognitive efficiency, operational ergonomics, maximum integration, reliability and conformity with the industrial standards as essential ingredients of all our products.

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