Business compliance solution for the preservation of corporate assets, image, and management.

Intactor Compliance Management

INTACTOR simplifies all procedures and controls required to comply with regulatory requirements. With INTACTOR, operational duties are managed via an easy-to-use web application which enables compliance actions to be performed and accurately and efficiently managed.
Top management can monitor in real time the regularity and status of all compliance fulfilments with a single glance at a summary dashboard.

Operational areas
INTACTOR reduces legal risks and addresses the problem of regulatory compliance, but it is also an opportunity to learn more about your assets and protect them according to their importance. INTACTOR helps to manage compliance actions in the following areas:

  • Privacy – GDPR
  • Administrative and Criminal Liability of Entities – Legislative Decree 231/2001
  • IT risk – ISO 27001

Risk Assessment Engine
INTACTOR guarantees the functionalities provided by the most advanced analysis methodologies, based on the systematic evaluation of the following phenomena:

  • the actual probability that a threat will materialize.
  • corporate vulnerability towards the threat.
  • Possible damage resulting from a potential security incident.

The system gathers all useful information for risk analysis and management. This data allows to point out and assess the main sources of risk – people, systems, processes, external factors – as to set up appropriate controls and preventive measures.

Criminal Risk Assessment Engine
Allows you to design effective company policies and protocols for the prevention of criminal offences. Impacts are assessed on the basis of possible legal sanctions and consequences on the company’s business.
Probabilities are calculated considering both objective (pertaining to the company’s functioning) and subjective elements which contribute to the probability of committing the criminal act.
With INTACTOR you can: map the company’s areas at risk, map the company’s areas at criminal risk (perpetration methods of the crime), calculate the risk for each criminal act, design an action plan (activities which reduce risks until an acceptable level of risk is met). All in line with the indications of trade associations and business standards.