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At Plug-in we design, build and offer consulting on software solutions, technology platforms and systems for the analysis, management and distribution of business information.
We create application solutions and technological infrastructures able to guide companies in the development of new opportunities, in the implementation of increasingly efficient processes, in the optimization of the use of resources and in the containment of operational risk.
In our DNA there is passion for research and an aptitude for continuous experimentation, two natural traits which have always differentiated us, allowing us to transform the most advanced technologies into concrete value for businesses.
Together with our customers, we have developed and continue to project innovative solutions which allow to maintain market leadership and to concretize the future.
We believe in speed and effectiveness: We aim all our efforts towards achieving the project’s goals, with dedication and responsibility, always prioritizing flexibility and concreteness.
Our solutions are inspired by our original “design oriented” approach, where design means cognitive efficiency, maximum integration, reliability and compliance with the latest industry standards.

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