Service for the management of the mandatory electronic invoicing process.

Complaint with Assosoftware’s B2B e-invoice coding standard.

RAPIDO-INVOICE is a service which automates the creation, monitoring and management of the electronic invoicing process between private companies and professionals, guaranteeing compliance with regulations, high control standards for the entire process and a high degree of customization.

With RAPIDO-INVOICE, companies and professionals can continue to operate substantially as before, obtaining the advantages of paperless invoicing and delegating to Plug-in, as accredited intermediary, the formal and technological aspects for compliance with new regulatory requirements.

Advantages of RAPIDO-INVOICE’s use

  • Faultless and quick access to the service
  • Full integration with current procedures and formats
  • Electronic signature and automatic loading on interchange systems.
  • Full monitoring of the invoicing process
  • Reduction of fiscal storage costs
  • Instant search and consultation
  • Full compliance with regulations

How it works

1) Conversion of the invoice generated by the corporate management system
RAPIDO-INVOICE accepts any path generated by ERP systems and converts it to the XML PA format required by the Interchange System

2) Issue and upload to the Interchange System
Issued electronic invoices are electronically signed and automatically uploaded to the Agenzia delle Entrate’s Interchange System. it’s possible to add enclosures to the invoice.

3) Reception and approval of suppliers’ invoices
Received invoices, sent by the Interchange System, are submitted to the approval process for their accounting registration by your management system.

4) Management and monitoring of results
RAPIDO-INVOICE monitors the whole process by automatically managing results sent and received from the Interchange System. Pursuant to regulations, the system allows companies to accept or refute received invoices.

5) Storage compliant with regulations
RAPIDO-INVOICE provides conservation and exhibition services, in compliance with regulations, for e-invoices and enclosures.

6) Search and consultation
Issued and received electronic invoices are easily viewable in PDF format or other custom formats required by the customer.
RAPIDO-INVOICE allows you to input additional information (date of receipt, protocol, etc..) to facilitate the correlation of the document within the documentary and management systems.