Outsourced services for the management of documentary processes.

Plug-in Partner ANORC

It is often convenient to outsource documentary processes to a specialized partner, as to guarantee top-level operational, applicative and infrastructural assistance, with reduced costs compared to an internal management.
Plug-in offers all necessary services for a full coverage of a document’s lifecycle:



We capture digital flows and paper documents from any source (mail, email, fax, print spool, files, applications, etc.) and convert them into digital documents and business information.
Data and content are indexed using the most advanced automatic-recognition technologies and made accessible from any corporate workstation.

  • Normalization of paper documents
  • Quality control and scanning
  • Data flow/spool acquisition
  • Automatic OCR-ICR-HCR-OMR indexing
  • Categorization and storage


We accelerate documentary processes, guaranteeing conformity, quality and privacy.
Contracts, insurance policies, requests and complaints require precision and priorities. Shortening the approval of a document means cashing in first; quickly meeting a request means offering a better customer experience; responding promptly to a complaint protects the company’s image and interests. Plug-in takes care of any customer’s documentary process by providing all necessary resources and technologies.

  • Data cross-check
  • Validation
  • Anomaly management
  • Tracking
  • Performance monitoring


We offer on of the most advanced documentary platforms available on the market, ready for use and fully customizable. With RAPIDO-ECS, our scalable on-demand platform, you can add or remove workstations if and when necessary, at a flexible price proportional to use.
There’s no need for installations, hardware investments or software licenses. To use RAPIDO-ECS and customize our cloud platform you simply need a web browser.
Documents are archived on our secure and high-performing datacenters, equipped all measures necessary for guaranteeing the highest availability and business-continuity standards.

  • Hosting
  • Storage & Backup
  • Security, Availability & Continuity Management


We manage inbound and outbound document workflows to ensure that your information leaves and arrives earlier. We collect, process and sort incoming documentation from any channel; we convert it, load it onto your document system and route it to the correct recipients right away. We manage your shipments with massive multi-channel tools that allow you to send large quantities of compound documents, automatically customized with messages targeted to each individual customer.

  • Reception and protocol
  • Digitalization and sorting
  • Document composition
  • massive multi-channel distribution


We store paper documents in protected and automated warehouses. Sometimes you can’t do without paper, for example when original documents must be stored long term.
Storing them at the company is expensive in terms of space and risky in terms of security: loss, theft and unauthorized withdrawal are real risks.
In our warehouses, every document has a clear identity and location. When needed, the document is picked up, scanned or delivered in its original form to the user who requested it. Withdrawal is managed only by authorized personnel and the document’s path is fully traced until the document is returned.

  • Control and classification
  • Dynamic archive and deposit
  • On-demand extraction and scanning
  • Pickup and delivery management
  • Ordinary and certified destruction