The Black Box to manage and protect cash in fuel stations

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More control and less risks for your cash collections


The box tracing the cash flow
MoneyFuel BlackBox solves the problems bound with the vulnerability of self-service payment terminals in fuel stations.
The great flow of cash, the lack of control at night, and the often isolated position are conditions that increase the risk of theft to the terminals, exposing them to frequent breaking or eradication attempts.
MoneyFuel BlackBox optimizes the management of cash, preventing that great amounts remain in the strongboxes, through a continuous automatic monitoring and a more efficient and cheaper “on demand” management of the cash-carrying service.

MoneyFuel BlackBox is installed in the self-service payment terminals (OPT) of service stations.
The device detects the amount of cash payments and the quantity of money present in each terminal.
The information collected are transmitted to the company, to the security centre and to the bank for the direct credit on the current account*.

Through the provided software it is possible to:

  • Display in real time the status of each terminal and the quantity of money inside it
  • Activate the cash-carrying service when a set amount of money is reached
  • Monitor the cash withdrawal operations
  • Have a detailed accounting report with the amount of collections and deposits
  • Receive automatic alerts in case of malfunctioning, alteration, or forcing of the safe
  • Register and consult the list of operations

The indispensable upgrade for your self-service payment terminals



MoneyFuel BlackBox can be mounted in the safe compartment of the self-service payment terminal in a short time. The kit includes:

  • BlackBox with magnetic connections to be placed on the safe back wall
  • Logic interface connected with the banknotes accepting devices
  • 2 sensors to detect the opening of the door and the drawing of the bag with the money
  • Barcode scanner to identify and trace the bag
  • Monitoring and management software

Data transmission
The device connects to the central server in wireless WI-FI/GSM mode or through a cable, using the special integrated ports.

Control Dashboard
The provided software allows to monitor in real time the status of all terminals distributed on the territory.
From the control dashboard the following details can be displayed globally, per selected groups or payment terminal:

  • Status of the terminal (operating, error, off-line)
  • Collected amount
  • Cash present inside
  • Filling level of the bag and seal code
  • Slip and status of the seals
  • Deposit (amount, number, and denomination of the banknotes)
  • Filterable historic report of the handlings and events occurred to the terminal

Through the application, automatic notifications can be activated at the occurrence of the following conditions:

  • Achievement of the amount threshold that has been set
  • Achievement of the number of banknotes that has been set
  • Off-line safe
  • Error of the accepting device
  • Opening of the safe door

Total control on all terminals of the installation and of the distribution network



Total Control
Real time monitoring of collections, stock, and withdrawals of money for each terminal present in the installation and in the distribution network. Detailed registration of all events and automatic notifications of the terminals’ status.

Reduction of risks and operational costs
The cash collection is planned based on the thresholds reached and automatically communicated by each terminal. This avoids big quantities of money to be present in the safe and optimizes the service activating it when really needed.

Accounting Report
Automatic deposit slip and historic reports of all movements.

Deterrent against thefts
The status of the terminals is continuously monitored by the operating central. In case of anomalies or theft attempts, the security service is immediately alerted.

Cashflow improvement
Immediate credit on the current account of the amounts deposited in the terminal*

Powerful and easy software
Intuitive application, full of functions. It doesn’t require any specific training.

Service continuity
Simple and quick installation. The safe and payment terminal have not to be modified.

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