Solution for integrated multimodal logistics management

Multimodal Transport Operations - Plug-in MTO-Web

Multimodal freight transport is a particular type of transport, carried out with the help of a combination of different means, such as ships, trains, motor vehicles. It’s a method of transport useful for long and very long distances, as in trade between countries or continents.

An integrated application accessible from all over the world
MTO-WEB is a web-based information system, designed for companies dealing with multimodal logistics at national and international levels who need to rationalize their daily flow of goods and vehicles by optimizing loads and transport. The system allows you to manage all typical transport phases with a single application: Road transport, from loading to terminal; long-distance transport (road, rail, sea, air) and road transport, form the terminal to destination. With MTO-WEB, companies provide their partners and correspondents, located anywhere in the world, with an operational tool which is always accessible from any location.

Travel planning
MTO-WEB allows you to optimize each vehicle’s route by displaying loading and unloading activities planned for the period on a map. The application allows you to plan daily deliveries and pick-ups, pairing those geographically close to each other, as to minimize travel distances.

Loading management
MTO-WEB allows you to manage clients’ shipping orders (divided into Imports and Exports), mark them as loaded or arrived to terminal, assign them to a specific train or mark them as charters.

Train management
Allows you to create a train shipment, based on the available routes, by composing wagons, crates, and necessary equipment. When a train is created, the remote correspondent can begin to plan the delivery of his orders. You can create a report for the terminal crane operator and a CIM for the Railways.

Documentary management
The application allows you to print shipping documents such as CMRs, assignments to truck operators and sub-carriers. It shows which orders can be invoiced according to commercial agreements established with customers. The application can be integrated with the Workflow engine for the management of Customs flows.