A solution for the management of mandatory communication on banking transparency

Plug-in Traspoint - Banking

TRASPOINT makes it possible to easily and efficiently manage the communication of mandatory information on banking transparency. The solution is based on a series of local terminals (information totems) made available to the public at local branches and linked to a central server for uploading and distributing information content.
Information, mandatory communications and marketing messages are uploaded only once to the central server, which distributes them simultaneously to all the connected information totems.
Customers, by interacting with the totem’s touch-screen located in the local branch, can easily search and consult the information to which they’re interested.
With TRASPOINT, the bank improves the customer’s branch experience, reduces management costs and guarantees compliance with regulations.

Traspoint for Marketing
TRASPOINT is a powerful tool for conveying marketing information: the system is able to reproduce movies, RSS, images, animations, text banners, web pages, etc. according to a schedule that can be dynamically managed and differentiated for each terminal or groups of terminals.

Proactive terminal monitoring
Control, self-diagnosis and alert functions indicate potential anomalies or malfunctions which may have occurred on the individual terminal.

The choices made by users are communicated to the company as statistical data on the consulted pages. The collected information allows for the analysis of customer behavior in order to better understand their needs and preferences.

Complete customization
TRASPOINT is designed to integrate with elegance and discretion in any environment. The wide range of customization options allows you to align the appearance and design of the information totem with the bank’s image. The user interface is totally customizable.

Optional features
The totems can be equipped with numerous optional devices – card reader, microphone, webcam, printer, etc. – to expand their functionality. TRASPOINT can provide access to the Institute’s home banking in secure mode, with strong authentication systems.