Focus on custom solutions
Custom software continues to make a difference: We build applications which encompass the company’s exclusive knowledge and enhance performances and processes.


An increasingly mobile world
Fewer notebooks and more smartphones: The nature of the devices supporting operational activity and user’s approach to technology are changing.


Building trust without intermediaries: an enormous and partly unexplored asset.


Advanced analysis tools
The enormous availability of data requires increasingly advanced interpretation tools, easy to use and accessible to many.

Cybersecurity and compliance
Security remains one of our top priorities, as it increases the need for compliance solutions.


The application environment of businesses becomes increasingly hybrid, the role of Saas platforms grows.


The IT organization needs to reinvent itself, the pressures coming from users require an open approach.


Augmented reality
A new generation of glasses drives the development of “hands-free” operational applications.

Remote control of machines and things: The web as part of a global automation system.


Digital manufacturing
3D printing, from prototyping tool to production platform for functional components not achievable with traditional technologies.