Innovative solution for the rational and secure management of money in retail stores.

Plug-in MoneyDep - Automated Teller Safe System

Greater money efficiency
MONEYFLOW is the ideal solution for all businesses which have to manage a significant cash flow: Supermarkets, pharmacies, tobacco shops, gas stations, gambling rooms, outlets, retail stores in general. The system is based on a new generation of smart terminals (MONEYDEP), connected in real time to banks and supervisory institutions. Directly located into retail stores, the MONEYDEP terminals allow you to virtually deposit cash in the bank, without leaving the store. The terminal consists of an smart safe which can automatically count money and communicate in real time the amount of deposits to the monitoring centre and to the bank. For the retailer, this means having a bank “at home”, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Simplification and automation
The terminal identifies the cashier, automatically counts and checks the money and deposits it virtually into the bank without requiring the deposit slip.
The deposited cash generates an automatic credit to the bank account.
The customer recovers currency with the consequent financial advantages, while the bank accelerates the collection cycle and obtains an updated and effective control of available cash.

Reduction of operational risks
Once money is deposited into the terminal, the money virtually is in the bank, and risks are managed by the Credit Institution.

Deterrent against theft and robbery
The status of the terminal is constantly monitored by the operations centre. If the unit is moved or forced, a special internal high-pressure device indelibly colours all banknotes, making them unusable and only replaceable by banking procedures that verify their legal origin. The safe can only be opened by the cash-in-transit service. Money withdrawal is planned according to the targets reached and is automatically communicated by each terminal.