Digital management of visitors
and conference rooms

Visitor Management - Plug-in Kokous

A more efficient and welcoming reception
KOKOUS is a solution for the digital management of the reception and registration of visitors, at corporate headquarters or at external locations such as fairs and events.
KOKOUS definitively solves operational problems related to reception management, to the control of guests’ permanence and to the shared use of spaces available for meetings.

Visitors can do everything on their own, in complete autonomy

  • KOKOUS eliminates queues at the reception desk. The visitor self-registers and generates his own badge, quickly, easily and autonomously.
  • KOKOUS memorizes visitor entry and stay, allowing for full compliance with legal safety obligations.
  • Allows for a better management of limited resources, such as conference rooms and parking spots.
  • Reduces management costs and does not require staff.
  • Eliminates paper records.

At work, at fairs, at school, at accommodation facilities
KOKOUS is the ideal solution for a fast and efficient management of visitor reception, registration and stay.
At fairs, KOKOUS collects valuable contact data which would normally be lost because of queues and congestion during reception.
At schools and accommodation facilities, KOKOUS can be used for keeping track of accesses and stays.

A reception point dressed with your image
The KOKOUS terminal is available in desktop and floor-top versions.
Design and colors are customizable, as to integrate KOKOUS with your environment and corporate image.
When not at use, the screen can show the company logo, messages and institutional content.

Plug-in Kokous: custom design