Innovative systems and solutions for the optimization of money handling processes.

Money Handling

Exclusive distributor for Italy:

Plug-in Money Handling Partners and Technologies

In Italy, cash still is the preferred paying method for retail.
The reasons are many. One reason is the erroneous belief that the transaction cost is much lower than in the case of electronic payments.
But actually, money handling costs are conspicuous (loss of interest, counting costs, reconciliation and deposit, loss and robbery risks) and most of these costs indirectly impact families and businesses.
At Plug-in we are believe that it is possible to improve the efficiency of money by combining the interests of retailers with those of banks and consumers.
For this reason, we have decided to integrate our application experiences with the best technologies available on the market, entering into agreements with partners of international importance such as Giesecke & Devrient, Procoin, Banking Automation, creating a division exclusively dedicated to money handling:
Plug-in Money Handling Division.

Cash Management

An integrated platform for cash management and for the remote monitoring of deposit, withdrawal and counting operations.

Cash Deposit

Deposit terminals equipped with an anti-theft marking system for rational and secure cash management.

Compact system for banknote deposit and protection.

Coin-deposit system.

SM Meta
Anti-theft containers for cash transport, equipped with an integrated marking system.

Cash Counting

G&D Giesecke & Devrient
banknote-counting sorting machines.

Coin-counting sorting machines.
Accessories for automatic coin collection and loading.

Automated self-service cash

Banking Automation
Self-service cash desks for money deposit and exchange.