Global outsourced print service

Plug-in Printer Fleet Management is an outsourced service which guarantees an optimized and rational management of corporate print services.
At a fixed or per-copy cost, the client buys a printing environment designed, implemented and managed according to his specific needs.
The price includes: hardware rent, management, monitoring, repair and replacement of materials.
This solution is particularly useful in complex environments because, in addition to freeing the company from the heavy burden of managing and maintaining a large number of different devices, it allows the company to standardize its fleet of machines and optimize their use.
The centralized management of all networked printers also eliminates vulnerabilities and inefficiencies associated with the use of extremely heterogeneous, outdated and sometimes unregistered devices within the company.
Monitoring and reporting tools allow you to keep consumption under control and charge the cost back to the respective business departments.


  • Reduction of costs and consumption
  • Compliance and safety
  • No managerial burdens
  • No fixed assets or depreciations to manage
  • Technological innovation