Enterprise Content Services Applications:
an ecosystem of specialized applications for the digital management of business processes.

Plug-in’s content services applications are web-based applications which extend the functionalities of RAPIDO-ECS, our ECM platform for the digital management of business content.
These modules perfectly integrate with the platform’s powerful native functionalities, but can also be used as standalone solutions to meet specific business needs.
The application library is in constant development, the ready-to-use solutions are the following:



Electronic signature
RAPIDO-SIGN is an application for the management of the electronic signature of digital documents. These technologies guarantee the signatory’s identity and the signed document’s integrity, eliminating the need for paper, which currently is the sole signing support with legal value.
With RAPIDO-SIGN, orders, contracts and practices of all kinds can be processed in a fully digital format, with great advantages in terms of efficiency and error reduction.
The application supports all types of signatures:

  • Digital signature
  • Remote digital signature
  • Graphometric signature

Documents can be authenticated through a dedicated device (smartcard reader, USB key) or by typing the PIN and OTP codes received by SMS or mail or automatically generated through an app installed on smartphones. In case of graphometric signature, the system validates the signature, manually affixed on the screen of a tablet, by comparing the biometic data collected (movement, speed, pressure) with data previously stored in the database.
Once the signature work-flow is completed, RAPIDO-SIGN allows documents to be archived, stored and distributed to authorized users.



Electronic invoicing
RAPIDO-INVOICE is Plug-in’s service for electronic invoicing.
The functionalities can be used as part of the RAPIDO-ECS platform or in stand-alone mode as a dedicated service for complying with mandatory electronic invoicing requirements.


Blockchain authentication
The Blockchain is a technology for creating unique digital assets that are accepted and recognized as authentic by the parties. One of the first applications is that of cryptocurrencies, i.e. digital currencies generated and exchanged without the intermediation of a control body.
The Blockchain is based on a distributed database made up of concatenated blocks of data, subject to validation of the nodes that make up the network. This architecture guarantees the historicization and immutability of recorded information.
RAPIDO-BLOCKCHAIN uses the same blockchain technology to manage the exchange of information, of contracts and digital transactions of all kinds between various business players, ensuring authenticity, uniqueness, integrity and immutability.
RAPIDO-BLOCKCHAIN opens up endless new ways to accelerate processes, reduce costs and improve security.



Data Protection Governance
The legal provisions introduced by the GDPR have significant effects on the organization of businesses, from legal to administrative areas, from the technical office to marketing, from HR to sales.
The correct management of documents which map and describe data processing operations and collect the data subject’s consent is fundamental for the safe control of personal data.
Rapid-GDPR allows you to manage in a structured way all documentation contained in the privacy management system: it organizes the documents, facilitates their classification and historicization, regulates access to documents based on the roles, with due confidentiality.
The application considerably facilitates the formal requirements imposed by the GDPR, reducing the burden on all parties involved in the process.



Anti Money Laundering compliance management
RAPIDO AML Management allows for the guided and assisted management of the Adeguata Verifica della Clientela, fundamental asset for complying with the anti-laundering regulation.
The system, in compliance with legal provisions, aggregates, tracks and stores all information and documents on clients which have been acquired over time (identification documents, certificates, budgets, certificates of incorporation, information obtained on the Web, etc.), automatically notifies deadlines and allows you to correlate the data and information recorded as to bring out patterns and behaviors presenting characteristics which trigger the “Segnalazione di Operazioni Sospette” obligation.