Design, prototyping and production of integrated IoT equipment and devices.

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Plug-in Design Center
We design intelligent terminals for industrial and civil applications: devices based on the latest generation of microsensors capable of remotely detecting and transmitting environmental, biometric and operational information. In the retail sector, we have developed a new class of intelligent storage terminals (Smartsafe) for sales points, connected in real time to banks and to safe-keeping and money transport companies. We have produced and installed over 2000 information terminals for the central management of mandatory communication on banking transparency and advertising in high-transit public spaces
For the large-scale distribution sector, we develop POS and checkout systems equipped with the most advanced technologies for automatic product recognition.


The common denominator of our solutions is the use of innovative technologies for the creation of interconnected devices and systems which use the Internet to exchange information, and to receive and impart commands.
It’s the Internet of Things, a sector which promises to improve the way we live, work and control the objects around us. A sector of exceptional potential for companies and government organizations which now have the ability to control processes and tools in previously unimaginable ways, at a significantly reduced cost.


In our laboratory, technicians and designers translate your ideas and requests into easy-to-use, eye-catching and industrially replicable objects, at a sustainable cost.



We build prototypes with any material (wood, metal, glass, plastic material, etc.) to verify usability and conformity to the customer’s requests. We use the most advanced rapid prototyping technologies (3D printing, CNC machining) to faithfully reproduce components and offer the customer a live simulation very close to reality. We provide limited pre-production units to verify all functions on field, to analyze performance and evaluate corrections and improvements.



We’re able to deliver equipment and offer you assistance throughout the national territory and in the main European countries. Numbers are not a problem. We’re structured as a network model, allowing us to deal with turnkey orders both for small series and for thousands of pieces.