Operational management of real estate stocks.

GEST-IMM is a solution designed for banks, institutions and businesses that need to efficiently monitor and manage their real estate stock, made up of owned or rented buildings.
The system allows to collect, organize and consult valuable information for the management of real estate assets, keeping interventions, fulfillments and deadlines under control.
GEST-IMM is easily customizable according to the specific needs of the customer, integrates natively with RAPIDO-ECS and offers numerous connectors to other application solutions (management systems, documents, etc.).
Being a web-based solution, it can also be used in cloud without requiring installation on the user’s device.


  • Continuous, simple and effective monitoring
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Reduces the risk of non-conformities
  • Certainty of availability for information and documents
  • Improved sharing of information
  • Reduced management costs

Main functionalities:


Shows the geographical location and address of each real estate property.

Property details
For each property, users can define the following details:
– Property typology (floors, elevators/hoists)
– Main facilities (air conditioning, heating, connectivity)
– Alarm systems and anti-theft protection systems
– Video surveillance and access-control systems
– Firefighting systems
– Means of custody

Protocol of understanding
Permette di verificare la rispondenza ai parametri di sicurezza e di protezione richiesti dal protocollo di intesa ABI-Prefettura.

Land registry
Allows you to visualize and modify land registry data.

Contracts and suppliers
For each real estate property, users can visualize and modify the lists of active contracts and suppliers.

Manages the ordinary maintenance calendar and records extra-ordinary interventions.

GEST-IMM offers the accounting elements (costs, charges, rents, etc.) for evaluating the profitability of each individual property.