Tailor-made application solutions and information systems.

Tailor-made application solutions - Custom Software Development Plug-in

Solutions Design
We realize custom solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Solutions which allow companies to achieve a competitive advantage, as they transform the company’s knowledge into an exclusive business value.
We offer customers our analytical capacities, skills and imagination for the purpose of creating together software applications capable of making a difference and creating new opportunities.
We dedicate many resources to research and experimentation; we invest in highly innovative projects as to invent solutions to emerging needs.


Software Development
Easy to use, easy to integrate, quick to build: these are the principles which guide the way we create software.
We employ industrial methods for creating secure, performing, and extremely reliable applications: Software which runs fast and evolves without complications.
The development cycle is conducted according to established methodologies and best practices:
– Lean Software Development
– Tecniche Agile: pair programming, TDD/BDD, retrofactoring
– Continuous Integration & Delivery
– Secure Software Development Life Cycle (CSSLP certification)

For 25 years we have been providing evolutionary continuity to hundreds of customers who use our Windows, Linux and iOS applications to manage their business processes.

APPS & WEB Mobile Applications

Our applications focus on the user and the way he works inside and outside the company, seamlessly between the desktop and mobile worlds. We develop web apps and hybrid applications optimized for mobile devices, accessible through a standard browser. We build apps for Android and Apple iOS platforms.


Blockchain Applications

We believe that the blockchain technology has the potential to generate a profound and positive transformation in many business areas.
Through the blockchain you can notarize documents, information and digital transactions exchanged with customers, partners and suppliers in a safe and secure way without the intervention of an intermediary who certifies authenticity.
Based on a distributed database, a blockchain provides every company and organization with low-cost reliability, immutability and irrevocability of data, certifying the history of all operations related to each transaction. The practical applications are countless: protection of digital assets, traceability, compliance, smart contract, ticketing, voting, just to name a few. PLUG-IN has developed blockchain solutions for the banking world, for GDPR compliance and for the certification of the origin of food products. Today we are working on new projects as to integrate this technology into our customers’ business processes.


Business Intelligence

With our custom solutions, business intelligence leaves the “button room” and becomes an easy to use and always-accessible analysis tool, at all organizational levels. Data is automatically captured from any source, local or cloud, and “projected” in real time on freely-configurable dashboards with more than 30 visualization tools.
Apparently unrelated data turns into valuable information for understanding current phenomena and make reliable predictions. Our applications incorporate Microsoft Power BI technology, a solid enterprise-class engine able to perform complex real-time analysis of large amounts of data.


DATA & PROCESS Integration

We create the connective tissue of your digital systems. We connect any application and any data source, inside or outside the company. We develop ready-to-use connectors to easily integrate your application environment with cloud platforms. We use established and independent integration technologies to provide you with fast and effective solutions based on open standards.