Enterprise Content Services Platform:
freely create your workflow by linking content, people, and processes.

Content Services: the new generation of ECM systems
According to IDC, digital content will increase 50-fold over the next 10 years and 90% of it will be unstructured information.
To deal with this explosion of increasingly heterogeneous information coming from various devices and sources, companies need an ECM platform able to federate different information silos and applications with an innovative approach which puts at the system’s center not only the content, but also its links with people and processes.
RAPIDO-ECS is the Plug-in’s modular platform which facilitates the work and collaboration of users by combining processes with contextualized content.
In this logic, content becomes an active component that self-assembles around a specific process and accelerates its completion.


Workflow Design & Performance Monitoring
With RAPIDO-ECS you can design and implement internal communication and collaboration processes with extreme simplicity. Each department can quickly structure and modify activity workflows, indicating the users who must carry them out and those responsible for approving them.
Easy-to-use visual tools allow you to quickly build and test your workflow model. Once the most appropriate solution has been found, the system independently generates all the links and operating sequences which will allow for the automatic advancement of contents/documents within the organization.
The control console allows you to monitor the status of active processes and the efficiency of each workflow by revealing the presence of friction and bottlenecks.


  • Operational efficiency and quality
  • Stronger collaboration
  • Controlled access to information
  • Integrity and security
  • Legal compliance
  • Extension and integration

Content & Document Management
Rapido-ECS enables you to capture and manage all business content, including emails, Intranet pages, websites and user-produced documents, including drawings, images, audio and video files.
The system incorporates the most advanced technologies for the automatic capture, recognition and indexing of paper and electronic documents. The archives can be freely structured according to the desired logics and hierarchies.
Powerful versioning and search functions make it easy to instantly retrieve updated information. Content can be shared and distributed in massive, multi-channel and multi-format modalities.


Content Lifecycle Management
Rapid-ECS ensures complete control over the lifecycle of business content in compliance with corporate and legal regulations. A set of functions allows you to automatically manage long-term storage and controlled destruction of data.


RAPIDO Content Services Applications
Plug-in’s Content Services Applications are linked to the platform, representing an ever-expanding library of specialized applications which extend the platform’s functionalities.

  • RAPIDO-SIGN advanced digital signature
  • RAPIDO-INVOICE electronic invoicing
  • RAPIDO-GDPR GDRP compliance
  • RAPIDO-AML anti-laundering compliance
  • RAPIDO-BLOCKCHAIN Notarization of documents and processes

Cloud or on-premises
RAPIDO-ECS is a native cloud platform, designed with Saas (Software as a Service) logic to deliver enterprise-class performances and high scalability to businesses, without requiring initial investments and local deployments. With this delivery mode, the company has a constantly updated platform, managed directly by Plug-in, which does not impact on internal systems. Alternatively, the platform can be purchased “on-premises” and easily integrated into the existing IT environment.